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Local Eyelash Training Offering Russian Lashes Near Santa Monica

Are you interested in learning how to perform Russian lashes near Santa Monica? At the Lash Pilot studio, we’ve been performing eyelash extension and micro-blading since 2014. Our lash artists stay up to date on eyelash extension trends to offer our clients the latest looks. If you’re an experienced lash technician looking to master Russian eyelash extensions near Santa Monica, our training courses could be right for you!

How to Start a Business Microblading and Eyelashes with Lash Pilot

Have you always wanted to own a business and be your own boss? Then performing micro-blading, eyelashes extensions, and other beauty treatments could be the answer. At Lash Pilot, we’ve been offering expert cosmetic treatments in Santa Monica since 2014. Here are some of the things we’ve learned about starting a business in the beauty industry.

Adding Value to the Lash Pilot Brand with Lash Extension Classes

Why do lash extension classes matter? Because a beauty parlor is only as good as its stylists. No matter if a salon offers hair care, nail treatments, facials, and skincare, or eyelash extensions, the brand’s reputation is built on offering quality, reliable service to its clients. That means sourcing qualified technicians is a top priority for any salon owner.

Investing Locally: Training with a Business Performing Nano-blading near Santa Monica

Nano-blading, micro-blading, and other permanent make-up services can present a great opportunity for stylists looking to learn a skill they can turn into their own beauty salon business. In this post, learn all about eyebrow nano-blading, and why you should consider investing in a training course from Lash Pilot, a leading salon offering nano-blading near Santa Monica.

Training with the Brow Lamination Experts

If you’re considering working as a brow lamination artist, training with Lash Pilot could be the right move for you! We’re highly experienced in providing eyelash extensions, lifts, tints, and brow lamination. Starting with our Santa Monica location, we’ve built a reputation for amazing services and we’re now expanding throughout the Greater Los Angeles area and beyond!