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Elevate Your Career with Lash Extension Certification at Lash Pilot Academy

If you’re considering starting your own eyelash extension business, then getting a lash extension certification is a good first step. There are many potential benefits to earning a lash certificate. Just some include boosting customer confidence and helping to raise your bottom line. This post will explore some of these benefits, and explain how to get certified for lash extensions.

Effective ways to get rid of the Dark Circles under Eyes

Have you ever seen the white Pandas on the web or in your Science book when you were young, even in a zoo? They are cute, right! But what if you wake up
one morning, face the mirror, and see one is standing right in front of you. That would look scary instead! These days, we often observe the issue of dark circles around the eyes spoiling the beauty of many generally good-looking people
around. The problem persists during the emerging days of the pandemic, where these immovable firm dark circles are getting worse only as every day passes by, with too few sleeping hours, endless stress, and the traumatic state of indecisiveness.

History of Makeup

History of Makeup: Makeup is a world full of delights, from bold and wide eyes to a sharp nose and brows, from a contoured face to reddened cheeks, and from pouty lips to a winged eyeliner. Have you ever considered where the makeup we use today to enhance our beauty originates from? Keep reading if you are keen to get to its roots, as we’ll take you on a journey back in time to 7000 years or more and dates back to the year 10,000 BC. Yes! It is a long journey to explore.

Eyebrow microblading in Santa Monica Ca

Eyebrow Micro-blading

Eyebrow Micro-blading: Do you ever feel the need to have those perfectly shaped thicker and fuller eyebrows like the models walking on the ramp? I guess we all do. But, creating and defining eyebrows is a significant change that an eyebrow pencil brings in our appearance. They help to lift our eyes and appear big, beautiful, and better. The difference is instant that can noticeably be seen by anyone. It does not only help the eyes to look better, but our overall appearance begins to look more youthful and sparking.

What are Russian Eyelash Extensions?

What are Russian Eyelash Extensions? Long, fuller and healthy eyelashes add up to the beauty of a person just as guards us against detritus going inside our eyes. Anyone with beautiful long lashes grabs the eye instantly. Therefore the beauty industry has introduced falsies to extensions over all these years. With progression year by year, Russia was able to create ultra-fine eyelash extensions as the new fad.

Ombré Brows: A dynamic way to mix up your look

Ombré hair color became the rage several years ago, but few people know that ombré isn’t just for hair, but also for eyebrows. Ombré powder brows are a great way to add depth and dimension to your brow game and naturally complement your hair color, skin tone, and eyelashes. The differences of powder brows vs. microblading are subtle as far as appearance, but the technique is different. Since the technique is very complex, it is important to assess the quality and experience of salons when searching “ombré powder brows near me” so that you are only getting the results that you truly desire.