Why Choose Lash Pilot for Eyelashes

Lash extensions are all the rage right now with everyone from A-list celebrities to average people. As with most trends, this means that there has been a significant influx in businesses opening their doors to meet this demand. However, just like how all lash extensions are not the same, all salons do not provide the same level of quality products and services. Below are the top factors that set us apart from other lash extension providers.

Quality Application

To achieve top-notch quality, we pay attention to detail: clean separation, using the perfect amount of glue, controlling the direction and layering of the lash, and most importantly, crafting a style that is complimentary to the client’s eye shape, brow bone, and lash goals.

Building a Solid Foundation

Creating a long-term and sustainable lash look is similar to a spiral staircase. You have to have a solid foundation and build upon it. Long-lasting beautiful lashes start with a new set and subsequent series of infills build upon that set. If the first new set is wrong, every infill plays catch up on fixing the new set. This is why we do it right the first time.  The majority of our clientele professional women and working moms, meaning that time is always of their essence. A solid foundation makes subsequent lash applications efficient and maximizes our clients valuable return on investment of their time.

 Highly-Trained Staff

A lot of salons put freshly trained stylist to work with as little as just two days of training. Our training period is at least six weeks- longer than most other salons. All of our stylists, even those with lash application experience, go through extensive training on our culture, values, and technical skills. Therefore, the quality is consistent in the services that we provide. This also means less turnover of our stylists and a better chance that you can request your favorite stylist- and they will be here to serve you.


We are 100% transparent in our pricing. Most salons charge according to the volume of fill or amount of lash- or even worse, a flat hourly rate with no guarantee of quality. At Lash Pilot, we honor our commitment to our services and prices. For example, if you come in for a 2-week classic volume fill, and you had some bad days (maybe you cried or exercised excessively) and 80% of the lashes fell off, we will most likely honor the 2-week infill price. If you go to most salons, they’ll enforce getting a brand new set for full price.

Outside/Foreign Fill Welcome

While most salons turn away outside fills, we welcome everyone. If you switch salons, many will insist on removing your lashes (and charging you for it) before applying a whole new set. This means that if you move from Arizona to California and go to another salon, you’d be charged for two major services when that is not likely needed. At Lash Pilot, we always train our stylists that once they can fix someone else’s work, they’ve mastered the craft. (Please note outside fill can cost $30-$60 higher than the regular rates we offer to our existing clients.)

Protecting the Health of the Natural Lash

Your natural’s lash health depends on three things: clean separation, correct amount of glue used, and the proper weight and length of extension. At Lash Pilot, we are committed to keeping your natural lashes as healthy as possible. We achieve this in several different ways. First, our stylist provides honest feedback about your lash goals and works to find a lash type and style that your natural lashes can support. Second, we educate our clients on proper home care practice. We show our clients how to clean their lashes at home and offer a lash bath or lash cleansing at every appointment. We also encourage our clients to take off, clean, and have new set done every 3-4 months for proper eye skin cleansing.

Versatility and Expertise

Our stylists are all trained in all styles of lash application from classic to mink to Russian volume and everything in between. Our stylists are also highly educated in designing a lash application that works with every shape of eye. Our stylists also know how to mix and match lashes to achieve your desired shape, whether it is almond, doll, cat-eye shape, or something in between. While a lot of salons advertise Russian volume, is it very rare that their stylists actually know how to properly make handmade fans. Our higher level of expertise is what drives our customer satisfaction.

 Quality Inventory

Even the best lash application is only as good as the lashes that are applied. At Lash Pilot, we own our own brand of lash materials, adhesive, and tools. Our lashes are made from the highest quality of material. Our full range of lash and adhesive choices also allow us to better match the varied requests from our diverse clientele.  This quality is what guarantees a consistent look as well as protects the natural lash. For example, a size S shirt can mean different sizes if you shop at different brands. Lash length, thickness, and curl can differ dramatically between other lash distributors. By owning our own brand of materials, we control the consistent lash supply from the start.

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