Why You Need A “Pilot” As Your Lash Stylist

A Pilot can’t make mistakes or lives can be lost. Lash Extensions Stylists must protect the health of your lashes and eyes through accurate lash isolation and expert attachment technique.

You have to trust your Pilot to get on the plane! We are proud to have established a loyal clientele based on trust.

Getting passengers to their destination on time is a top priority for a Pilot. Our clients repeatedly compliment us on the speed with which we complete our services. In today’s busy world, our punctuality allows our clients to maintain their beauty routines while managing their professional schedule.

Pilots are required to have the utmost professionalism in performing their services. We are committed to providing the most professional client care and customer service in the business.

Pilots must continuously learn and master new instruments and information as flight technology advances. Our team stays on top of the newest trends and innovations and is dedicated to ongoing education in new techniques and the health and safety of our clients.

About Lash Pilot

Located at the heart of Santa Monica, California, Lash Pilot specializes in premium microblading and lash extensions near Santa Monica. Established in 2014, with a goal to inspire and create natural beauty that infuses confidence in every woman, we are the leading studio dedicated to offering the best eyelashes, eyebrow enhancements, and other cosmetic procedures.

A company committed to professional services and unrivaled customers experience, Lash Pilot focuses on constant improvement through learning, practicing new techniques, and listening to clients.

Founder Quynh-Tram Vu is the brain behind the Lash Pilot. Since the formation of the studio, Lash Pilot has grown to reach the forefront of the beauty industry. Her reputation continues to bring Lash Pilot ahead of the curve as Tram's long and varied experience in beauty care enables us to offer more freedom to our customers through top-notch eyelash extension and microblading services.

We are the heart and sole of the industry because Tram brings innovation, experience, and humanity together in one service. As a highly skilled cosmetologist, eyelash extension stylist, and makeup artist, she found passion in helping clients achieve their beauty-goals and train others to become professionals.


Our mission is to combine comprehensive eyebrow treatment knowledge with a variety of state-of-the-art cosmetic enhancement options to deliver the best eye Lash experience. We also aim to provide a relaxing environment while delivering a level of service that defines the core values of Lash Pilot.

Why Choose Lash Pilot

At Lash Pilot we set the bar in the industry for the highest standard of service. Our professional team utilizes the finest products to achieve beautiful and long-lasting results for our customers. We take pride in our ability to offer the most advanced and safest treatments that leave you looking gorgeous, fabulous, and confident. We believe every woman should look and feel their best at all times, so we ensure an effective and less invasive treatment to seamlessly give you a stunning appearance. What set us apart from many other lash extension and microblading facilities is our commitments to enhancing your look and renewing your self-esteem.

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Our programs are tailored to your individual needs. Whether you are here for eyelash extension or microblading courses, we are committed to helping you attain your goals and make your journey smooth and successful. Schedule an appointment today; we would love to personalize your service, exceed your expectations, and make your experience truly memorable!

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