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Hands On Apprenticeship Class – $2900

This is a tailored course focusing on mentoring and apprenticeship.
It is a combination of on-the-job training and related classroom instruction under the supervision of our industry experts. Students will learn the practical and theoretical aspects of lash extensions, train on a real client, and the insight practice of running lash studio business.

This is a one on one course dedicated to our student needs, schedule, and target areas on improving. The course period lasts anywhere from one to two months, depending on the student level. The student will work directly with the salon owner and instructor.

Benefits of Taking This Course

Our trainer will help develop self-confidence and improve any skills the student lacks. It is perfect for those who are struggling and need to overcome their burdens. Whether you’re a graduate student, salon owner, lash addict, or an entrepreneur woman passionate to be her own boss girl in the lash game. This is a course that will help you learn everything about becoming a lash pro and successful business owner.

By taking this course, students will have the opportunity to be hired after training and earning an income in 30-45 days. A potential goal in reaching the professional level is almost guaranteed, meaning that 99% of those who select this course continued to have success rate and become expertise stylist.

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