What sets Lash Pilot apart

Top-tier Quality

Lash Pilot not only specializes in eyelash extensions, making them experts in this specific service, but we also use high-quality materials and products, ensuring that clients receive the best possible results. We provide personalized consultations to determine the best lash style and length for each client’s unique features and preferences. Lash Pilot utilizes advanced technology to create a precise and natural-looking application. And we always prioritize providing exceptional customer service, ensuring that clients feel comfortable and satisfied throughout the entire process.

Lash Safety

Our team of talented stylists strive to design the best set of lashes to enhance your natural beauty, but we don’t stop there! Your natural lash health is crucial and is part of our mission. We understand the importance of proper use of adhesive and the weight of the extension. We unlock secrets to ensure our customers have the most beautiful lashes AND the healthiest lashes in LA. 

Lashes abused? Lol. Funny but not funny. We’ve seen it all. We are the salon that has successfully rehabbed countless of clients with past lash damages to healthy and even more healthy with the combined use of lash growth serum and lash extension nourishments.


“I can go to any stylists at Lash Pilot, and know that I will get consistent quality every time”. Ask any of our regular clients, they will give you this same feedback. Learning from the most common mistakes of the lash industry, Lash Pilot does not hire mediocre stylists or pushing new hires into operation prematurely. While most lash brands train their stylists in 1-2 weeks, regardless of the experience level of a new hire, all Lash Pilot new hires must go through training for a minimum of 12 weeks to start assist, and 24 weeks to start handling simple lash work. In some cases we have trained stylists for full 52 weeks. Since all stylists receive the same system of training, each stylist can cross-work each other’s clients with no strain. Each stylist designs consistently beautiful and quality lash sets every single time.


Our clients feel at ease knowing they get the best set of lash for their features. Our clients know that we monitor lash and beauty trends and provide training to our stylists year round. Our clients have bragged they are confident since Lash Pilot is so up-to-date in all the latest lash trends. We seek and purchase all newly developed lash products, materials, and tools freshly introduced in the market and test them. After testing, Lash Pilot use products and tools that support innovative procedures. More lash suppliers are entering the lash industry. They bring better products and tools every so often to support the work of lash stylists. By being in the know of all the trendy products and innovative tools, Lash Pilot not only consistently assure and improve the quality of our work, we also help improve the speed of service time.


Our clients always say, “I cannot leave until my lash is perfect!” Better yet! With innovative products and procedures, it doesn’t take a century to design a perfect set of lash. Our team are respectful of our clients’ busy schedules and strive towards efficiency. We want to help busy women look beautiful and confident with efficient use of their self-care time. We also care about how our clients natural lash health. Our stylists strive to provide the utmost quality of retention to make sure no twist and turn, no itchiness or discomfort would happen in between fills.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

Our stylists are committed to maintain the highest standard of hygiene for the sake of client health. Prior to the client’s appointment, stylists are require to wash both their hands and tools. Clients are reassured of our commitment to cleanliness because stylists are not only expected to upkeep their own station, but also the salon. We keep a maintenance list and our team are on it to keep the salon stay the cleanest possible.

Family Environment

Our clients consistently give us feedback on how comfortable they feel walking into a Lash Pilot salon. Lash Pilot is blessed with a team of stylists with the best bed side manner and warm personalities. Our stylists understand the importance of having a genuine business relationship with our clients. Our team are also supportive of each other. We know that no one can success alone and together we strive to keep our clients feel welcomed every single time.


Trust is vital in any relationship, a transparent business relationship is vital to Lash Pilot. Our team are committed to honest and effective client communication. At the beginning of the appointment for new clients, our stylists ask a series of relevant questions to best determine the appropriate service based on the client’s lifestyle and preference. During each appointment, stylists update clients on the status of their natural lash health and make suggestions for better lash home-care routines. Our pricing is based on weeks and days, our clients can self check their service prices and never have to question how their services are charged.

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