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Classic Lash Extension Course – $899 per day

Our foundation class is an introduction to the fundamentals of classic lashing extension techniques. This is a beginning core for a student who is acquiring skills to become a professional eyelash extension technician. This class requires no prior experience in the beauty industry. It is best for beginners who would like to get their feet into the professional eyelash industry.

Students will learn the classic 101 of eyelash extension techniques such as application, preparation, attaching, styling, removing, sanitary, and safety. This extensive course is the first key component prior to advancing their skills onto the mega volume. This class will give the student a better understanding foundation of lash extensions, eyelash anatomy, retention, products use, application techniques in applying and aftercare knowledge.

Benefits of Taking This Course

By learning the techniques in baby steps, students will acquire the muscle habits that make eyelash application become so easy and not require much effort. A lot of time, students give up their hopes because they assume that lashing is difficult and can be nerve-racking. We can assure you that as a student, you won’t be disappointed by taking our foundation class. This class is designed to be fun and easy to learn, as our core highlights the industry’s most cutting edge materials. You will learn everything that you need from the salon owner and not just an instructor. At the end of this course, students will know exactly if lash artistry is right for them!

This class is available in a private (1-1) training or a small group (4-6) setting. At Lash Pilot Academy, we aim to keep our class at a minimal size. This allows our instructor to better interaction with the student on a personal level, focusing on the details, and to be able to provide the undivided attention that students need.

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The Art of Eyelash Extension 101

Demonstration and Procedure

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The student will receive a certificate from Lash Pilot Academy.


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