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Course Overview

Classic & Russian Volume Training
in Los Angeles – $899 per day

Our dual-class is an advanced training course introducing students to Hybrid Russian & Mega Volume lash training. This class is suitable for those who already have experience with the lash industry or basic knowledge of the lashing foundation.

This class is for the individual who wishes to learn advanced techniques in making the transition from classic lashing to volume lashing. The student will be learning the introduction of a hybrid set; Russian Volume and Classic lash extensions. Use of techniques in applying applications, correct fan placement, eye shape correction, patterns, mapping, and styling, one on one practice and business guidance ship.

Benefits of Taking This Course

By the end of the Classic & volume lash training in Los Angeles, students will have a better knowledge in fan-making, applying, identify lash types, length, weight, shapes, mapping and how to select a lash based on the client needs. This class will allow the student to use their creativity as a lash stylist to design and create their signature look. The student will have a better knowledge in choosing the right style for each client to suit her eyes and enhance her best features.

This class is available in private (1-1) training or a small group (4-6) setting. At Lash Pilot Academy, we aim to keep our class at a minimal size. This allows our instructor to better interaction with the student on the personal level, focus on details, and provide the undivided attention that they need.

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Course Agenda

Understanding Hybrid Russian Volume & Mega Volume Lash extension training

Demonstration and Procedure

Designs and Removal Techniques

Creating Illusion and Customization

Q’s & A’s:
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The student will receive a certificate from Lash Pilot Academy.

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