Experience Premier Eyelash Extensions Salon at Lash Pilot Newport Beach

Over the past decade, the desire for lash extensions has grown exponentially. From celebrity A-listers to the average woman, there is a high demand for expert salons like Lash Pilot, Newport Beach. However, like all lash extensions are different, so are salons.

At Lash Pilot Newport Beach, we provide only top-quality products and services applied by our expertly trained lash artists. Our lash stylist team ensures your extensions feel right for you and reflect your beauty goals.  You can then enjoy your beautiful lashes without worrying about any potential harm to your natural lashes.

Lash Pilot Newport Beach offers various extensions, including classic, volume, hybrid lashes and Russian and mega-volume extensions. Many people rely on our professional salon because applying lashes properly is a time-consuming and intricate process requiring high skill and expertise. Professional technicians can provide customized services to achieve the desired look and help ensure the lashes are applied safely and effectively.

The Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelashes are essential to our beauty routine. They not only enhance the appearance of your eyes but also protect them from dust and particles that can enter through your eyelids. Eyelashes also help keep tears from flowing down cheeks and provide an extra layer of moisture to prevent dryness in the eye area.

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your looks without having to wear makeup daily, Lash Pilot is the best salon in Newport Beach for eyelash extensions!

Why Choose Lash Pilot Newport Beach?

There are many reasons why Lash Pilot is the best salon for eyelash extensions in Newport Beach. Here are just a few:

  1. Location and convenience: Lash Pilot Newport Beach is located in the heart of Newport Beach, just minutes from the beach, shopping, and dining. Enjoy a day in the area.
  2. Professional and experienced staff: Our team is highly trained in the art of eyelash extension application, and we use only the highest quality products. We will work with you to find a look that suits your style, personality, and budget.
  3. Quality products and services: Our goal is to provide our clients with beautiful lashes that last longer than those of most other salons. We offer various options so everyone can find a look all their own. No wonder we are considered the Best Lash Extension salon in Newport Beach.
  4. We have been in business for over 20 years and have over 100 5-star reviews on Yelp. See more at our Reviews page! We are voted as the Top 5 eyelash extension salon in the US.

This is what a couple of our happy clients had to say:

“Tram is the best in town!!! She really takes the time to understand what you want your lashes/brows to look like, and she executes the look you’re going for!
She’s got delicate hands, and she makes sure your comfortable in the space! Plus the location is super easy to find parking is also super easy!
It’s giving 10/10.”

And from another satisfied client:

“The best place for lash extensions (in Newport Beach)! The stylists are meticulous! Highly recommend if you’re looking for a company to do your lash extensions! They have a beautiful signature look that looks full yet natural! The lashes don’t look cheap! They’re luxurious and lush!”

Training of the Last Stylist at Lash Pilot Newport Beach 

At Lash Pilot Newport Beach, we train our lash stylists for at least 1 year, while on average, at most other salons, stylists are trained for 2 weeks. When trained for less than a year, stylists tend to develop improper isolation techniques. Why is clean isolation of natural lash so important?  Most people have close to 150 lashes on the upper eyelid. The distance between each natural lash is 0.3-0.5mm apart. That leaves very little room to prevent one lash from sticking to its neighbor lash. Before starting to do lash extensions, lash stylists are used to doing gross motor skills.

Doing lash extensions requires fine motor skills. A lash stylist must develop a precise movement within 0.3mm to avoid gluing a bunch of natural lashes together. At Lash Pilot Newport Beach, we take our time and patiently groom our stylists to develop precise motor skills. Just like how long it takes you to go to the gym to tone some muscles, it takes time to develop precise fine motor skills.

Developing fine motor skills requires constant coaching and mentoring from our founder and master stylists. Our human eyes are used to spot large objects, lash artists are trained to see minute objects. Our founder and our master stylists can spot improper isolation at just a glance. 

Not all passionate estheticians can be trained to become a successful lash stylist. Not all hires will graduate to be productive eyelash extension stylists. Lash Pilot Newport Beach suffers high payroll costs and is persistent in training only the best lash artists. Because our customers invest their trust and hope in us, we only invest in our people to provide the best quality eyelash extension. Therefore, Lash Pilot is the Best Lash Extension salon in Newport Beach.

Eyelash Extension Services Offered at Lash Pilot Newport Beach

At Lash Pilot Newport Beach, you can choose various lash styles from classic to volume, hybrid, Russia, and more. Our trained lash stylists will help you find the style that reflects your lifestyle and personality.

Eyelash Extension materials used at Lash Pilot Newport Beach

At Lash Pilot Newport Beach we only use hand-made Russian Volume fans.

As a consumer, you may only go for the look and don’t need to care too much about how your hybrid or Russian Volume is done. While it is true you should leave the work to the pro and only enjoy the result, it may benefit you to know how Russian Volume lashes are done in this special case because the eyelash extension industry is so young, and there are still so many missteps.

Why is hand-made Russian Volume fans significant for your lash health and retention?

In a Russian volume hand fanning technique, the lightweight extension strands are swiped into the fan shape, then dipped into the adhesive. Because all the strands are not pre-glued, a stylist can press the tip of the fan onto the natural lash. This pressing will insert the natural lash into the branches of the extension fan. Now the natural lash is coiled in the center of the fan. The adhesive and the branches are evenly distributed and bonded around the natural lash. This eliminates the need to use excessive adhesive to bond. With the natural lash being coiled into the fan, the handmade Russian Volume sets last longer.

Handmade Russian Volume by Ciel at Lash Pilot. Material is super light weight. Minimal usage of adhesive. Each extension is attached to only one natural lash.

How long does it take to train a lash stylist to do proper Russian Volume hand fanning technique?

We have trained and employed stylists since 2011. The shortest time it takes us, up to 2023, is a good one year under close mentorship. This long training period imposes a high payroll cost for business owners and slows down productive time for new lash stylists. Therefore, more than 90% of salon owners go for pre-made fans to avoid high payroll costs when they seek to grow their team. 90% of new stylists go for the pre-made fans to reduce training time.

lash extension looks beautiful to bare eyes. However, technique and material used determine how long the extension last, and how long the natural lash can stay healthy after a period of lash wear. Premade fans give poor retention and cause natural lash damage.

Why is premade Russian volume not good and not safe for consumers?

First, Premade Russian volume fans are manufactured and pre-dipped in glue. Shelf-life of glue is usually one month. If you buy premade Russian Volume fans, by the time it reaches your salon, you cannot examine how long ago the fans were made and how old the glue on the fans is.

Second, just like how you see a Japanese paper fan, Russian volume pre-made fans are shaped like that. Our natural lash is round. Russian Volume pre-made fans are wide and flat. Now, if you place a premade Russian fan on a round natural lash, there is only one point of contact or one point of bonding.  For this reason, Russian volume pre-made fans tend to pop out after just 5 days of appointment. A Russian Volume lash set tends to cost significantly higher.

This would naturally make clients feel extremely dissatisfied. Longer retention when using pre-made fans would require the use of a lot more adhesive. This can only happen if the stylist builds a “fortress” of glue around the round surface of the natural lash. This unavoidably will cause clumps, add extra weight and lead to natural lash breakage. For these reasons, Lash Pilot does not allow our stylists to use premade Russian fans in our Lash Pilot Newport Beach

These pictures were submitted by a candidate who applied for a potential lash stylist position. Lash extension can look equally beautiful to bare eyes, but wrong techniques cause harm to client’s natural lash and eye skin. Have your lash extensions completely removed every 3 months and ask your stylist to show you a mirror to check your natural lash health. Proper lash extension application does not cause lash breakage. Wrong techniques cause bald spots.

How can we be so confident about what the market is using?

We started providing eyelash extension services in 2011. Since the early days, when most stylists and salons refused outside or foreign fill, Lash Pilot has always taken outside fill. As a salon, outside fill is a big risk because you don’t know what you inherit from the work of the previous stylist. Outside fill costs are much lower, and the work is much harder. However, our founder decided to take outside fill as a way for her to monitor market trends and skill-set trends.

Because Santa Monica and Newport Beach are great tourist attractions, we get to see clients worldwide. We have taken outside fills from Cayman Island, London, Paris, Bulgari, Prague, Switzerland, Germany, Bali, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, and more countries.

We have done outside fills from all over the states. We have done fills from New York, Portland, Chicago, Boston, Utah, North Dakota, San Francisco, and more states. We take outside fills from clients from our backyard, like Irvine, Costa Mesa, Venice, Marina Del Rey, Torrance, Hollywood, downtown LA, Santa Monica, and Newport Beach.

We are confident about our observation thanks to the exposure to a large pool of samples of outside fill we have taken in consistently over the years. For the commitment to only offer hand-made Russian Volume fans regardless of the challenges of high payroll cost and long training time, Lash Pilot is the best place to get lash extensions in Newport Beach.

How to Prepare for Your Appointment at Lash Pilot Newport Beach

To ensure you get the best results, we recommend arriving with squeaky clean lashes and no eye makeup. This ensures that your lash extensions can adhere properly. We also ask that you avoid caffeine before your appointment so your eyes don’t flutter during treatment.

Additionally, please bring photos of desired looks so our lash stylists can help guide you toward what would work best for your lifestyle and personal style!

Aftercare Tips for Eyelash Extensions

After you get your eyelash extensions, it’s important to follow a few simple steps to ensure they last as long as possible.

  1. Avoid getting them wet for 24 hours.
  2. Brushing them regularly with a clean mascara wand will help remove buildup. and keep your lashes looking neat.
  3. Do not use oil-based products near the eyes. This will cause the glue to loosen and fall off prematurely.
  4. Do not wear mascara.

Getting Started

To get started, you’ll need to book an appointment with one of their certified lash stylists, who will assess your individual needs before creating a custom lash plan that works best for you. Your stylist will also teach you how to care for your lashes after the appointment so they last longer than ever before!

Ready to get started? Find out why Lash Pilot is the best place to get lash extensions in Newport Beach.

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In conclusion, Lash Pilot stands out as the best place to get eyelash extensions in Newport Beach for many reasons, including expertly trained stylists. We use only the highest quality materials and innovative techniques to create a customized look that enhances each client’s unique features. Our commitment to outstanding customer service ensures every client feels welcomed and comfortable throughout their visit.

With Lash Pilot, you can be confident that you receive the best eyelash extensions in Newport Beach. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – book your appointment with Lash Pilot Newport Beach today and experience the difference for yourself!