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Eyebrow Micro-blading

Eyebrow Micro-blading: Do you ever feel the need to have those perfectly shaped thicker and fuller eyebrows like the models walking on the ramp? I guess we all do. But, creating and defining eyebrows is a significant change that an eyebrow pencil brings in our appearance. They help to lift our eyes and appear big, beautiful, and better. The difference is instant that can noticeably be seen by anyone. It does not only help the eyes to look better, but our overall appearance begins to look more youthful and sparking.

A perfect eyebrow adds a beautiful definition to our eyes and completes our makeup look.

We all must have heard of “Eyes speak.” Yes! Eyes do communicate. It has a language and its way of interacting with people. And to beautify it and give it a deeper look, we use cosmetics like mascara, eyeliner, eye shadows, brow pencil, concealer, and contact lenses. But all these cosmetics bring a temporary value to our eyes that, once washed, all fade away, leaving you with those dull-looking eyes only. That is when Eyebrows Micro-blading comes to the rescue.

Wondering what that is? No worries, we have got it all covered for you.


Micro-Blading is the process of providing semi-permanent eyebrows. It is the process of transmitting pigmentation onto your eyebrow area, just like tattooing does. As a result, we get filled, perfectly defined, and shaped eyebrows.


In the process, a handheld device consisting of tiny and finely pointed needles is used to implant the pigmentation. The process involves scratching the skin into tiny cuts and creating fine strokes of the pigmentation such that they appear as eyebrow hairs. The procedure can have multiple steps. And the order can have slight variation as well, depending on the technician. But usually, the typical steps involved in the process are:

Picking up the correct color suitable to the client’s natural eyebrow,
Designing and shaping the brows with the help of a pencil,
Creating strokes of pigmentations.


The technicians suggest evading few things before and after your appointment so that the skin does not have any reactions. We have tried to gather a few points for anyone who is considering getting Micro-Blading done. However, we advise you to consult with your technician regarding the Dos and Donts; before taking the appointment.


  • Avoid Botox treatments at least four weeks before the appointment. Although, technicians do not support such treatments for around the same time of 4 weeks, even after the procedure. Thus, always consult your specialist before making any decisions.
  • Avoid any utilization of chemicals on your face for a minimum of 50 days before and after your appointment.
    Do not expose yourself to sun or tan for one week before your appointment.
  • The use of medicines or supplements like Aspirin, niacin, vitamin E, fish oil, or ibuprofen should be avoided two days before the appointment.


  • Avoid water, sun, sweating, and try to keep the area clean and dry for at least the first ten days after your treatment.
  • Avoid sleeping on your face turned towards a pillow or anything that might cause the pigmentation to spread for two weeks.
  • Do not rub, scratch, or handle the treated area harshly and always use clean hands to touch your brow area.
  • The use of chemicals, makeup, and oil should completely be avoided for the first two to three weeks.
  • Apply any ointment recommended by your practitioner.
  • Get your touchup sessions done as suggested by your technician.


The time frame for Micro-blading cannot be communicated as a final word since it can vary from person to person, skin to skin, maintenance, and touchups sessions. But generally, it is expected to last between 18 to 30 months.
Oily skin might react differently than others, as it may not hold the pigmentation as gracefully as a combination or dry skin could. The touchups are necessary every six months for long-lasting results.


Anyone who likes to have their brow look darker, thicker, and fuller all the time can opt for this treatment. However, it is best suitable for people suffering from Alopecia, who might have inadequate or thin brow hair. This process can help people fill the gaps between their hair of brows.


The cost for Eyebrow Micro-blading is an expensive treatment. However, it ultimately depends on the practitioner or technician that you choose for it. The services he offers or how much proficiency he has in the field adds up to the total cost of the procedure. Generally, the whole process costs around $300 to $800.

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