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Imagine always having perfect eyeliner even when you’re working out, swimming, or just wake up. Sound too good to be true? This dream is actually well within reach thanks to permanent eyeliner. Sometimes referred to as eyelid tattooing or tattoo liner, permanent eyeliner is one of the most in-demand permanent makeup trends due to its versatility, convenience, and relative affordability. Permanent eyeliner can be applied to most skin types and tones. As the premier provider of eyeliner tattoo in Newport Beach, our technicians are highly trained in working with you to determine the best tattoo liner approach to help you realistically achieve your beauty goals.

Permanent eyeliner is designed to eliminate the need to wear eyeliner every day. Permanent eyeliner involves tattooing ink along the lash line in the same way that eyeliner is applied to the lash line. It can be done on the upper eyelid, below the eye, or both. Liner can range from thin and natural looking to a dark and dramatic cat eyeliner look (although most clients prefer a more natural look for everyday wear).

Which are the benefits of permanent eyeliner?

The main benefit is that permanent eyeliner eliminates the need to apply eyeliner every day and that eyeliner can always look clean, straight, and full. Permanent eyeliner it’s also great for those with sparse or light eyelashes or those who suffer from alopecia and have little to no eyebrows. It is also good for people who are handicapped or have mobility issues that prevent them from being able to independently apply makeup on their own. Permanent eyeliner lasts about 2-5 years on average.

Permanent makeup has been around for over 3,000 years with evidence shown in Egyptian, Incan, Mayan, Aztec, and Greek cultures. In 1902, Sutherland MacDonald became known for tattooing an ‘all round delicate pink complexion’ on the cheeks at his tattoo parlor in London. Over the next several decades, major strides were made in the technology, application, and ink chemistry involved with permanent makeup application.

How does eyelid tattooing work?

When most people first hear the term “eyelid tattooing,” they might first conjure up images of traditional large-scale dramatic tattoos that can sometimes cover the whole body. However, there are some key differences between traditional tattoos and eyeliner tattoos.

While both use guns to deposit ink into the skin, the permanent makeup application technique only deposits ink into the first superficial layers of the skin.

Another key difference between permanent makeup and traditional tattoo is the type of ink used. Permanent makeup uses a type of cosmetic ink that is not designed to penetrate the skin in the same way as traditional tattoo ink. Cosmetic ink has a different chemical makeup than traditional ink and it is designed to add detail to the smallest areas of the body (such as the eyelids, eyebrows, and lips) whereas traditional tattoo ink is designed to cover a large area as are the tools. (Think about the difference in details between eyeliner tattoo and a full sleeve tattoo.)

Contrary to outdated myths, eyeliner tattoos can be applied to any skin type and tone whether you are Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, African-American, or another ethnicity or combination of skin types. One similarity that permanent makeup does share with traditional tattoos is that there are a wide variety of ink colors available to choose from.

Permanent Eyeliner tattoo in Newport Beach and Santa Monica

If you are interested in eyeliner tattoo in Newport Beach or Santa Monica, the first step is to set an appointment for a consultation. During this time, your technician will assess your skin type as well as articulate your goals. This will help your technician decide what color and thickness will be best for you.

While pain is associated with the traditional tattoo process, eyeliner tattooing is far less painful. The area is numbed before application. You will likely feel some minor discomfort as the small needle applies the ink. While the needle does puncture the skin, you will not likely experience a great deal of pain or bleeding. The procedure generally lasts about an hour to an hour and a half.

Aftercare is an important part of ensuring the best results. While there is very little downtime following an eyeliner tattoo procedure, your skin may feel sensitive for a few days after. You should stay out of the sun, apply Vaseline or Aquaphor 1-2 times per day for one week following the procedure (this keeps the skin hydrated and prevents further irritation), and avoid rubbing your eyes or wearing eye makeup as much as possible.

While the liner may appear darker at first, it will fade a shade or two in the weeks following the procedure. Some clients may return for minor touch ups.

While most people get a fairly modest and natural-looking eyeliner, many people still want to be able to spice up their look and add more drama to their eyeliner for special occasions. It is safe to use makeup on top of permanent eyeliner after about three weeks. However, you should still be sure to properly remove your makeup at the end of the day and continue your aftercare regimen to ensure the best results.

Eyeliner for lash extensions and other services

Permanent eyeliner is also a great complement to many of our other services. Eyeliner for lash extensions, microblading, brow tints, and lash tints is a frequent choice.. Permanent eyeliner enhances the natural eyelash line and makes lashes appear thicker, darker, and fuller. In today’s world where the eyes are the focus above face masks, all of these treatments can help your eyes pop and bring out your best features.

In conclusion

Mask mandates do not appear to be going away anytime soon, but interest in makeup and cosmetics remains at an all-time high. This means that the focus will continue to remain on the eyes. If you’re interested in permanent eyeliner tattoo or any other permanent makeup service in Newport Beach and Santa Monica, please contact us to schedule an appointment today. If you are a current makeup artist or esthetician looking to add eyeliner tattoo to your menu of services, please contact our academy to learn more about our lash academy and other cosmetic training programs.


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