How to get Natural Eyelash Extensions in Santa Monica in 6 steps

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. At Lash Pilot, we want to offer the best in natural eyelash enhancement and natural eyelash extensions to our customers.

We accomplish this by custom tailoring a solution that meets the unique needs of each individual. We pride ourselves on offering a variety of lash extension options and looks.

Many clients just want a look that is slightly more dramatic than can be achieved with traditional mascara.

So, we have crafted specific proprietary solutions and techniques for our customers that are seeking natural lashes or natural lash extensions. This is done through a combination process of color matching, material selection, spacing, and blending.


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Here are 6 key steps to getting the best natural eyelash extensions or enhancements:

Step 1: Evaluation

Every client is different and therefore every eyelash application or enhancement is different. The first thing that we do is conduct a thorough evaluation of the client’s existing lashes and then determine their desired goals.

If they want a more natural look, we will often use a combination of tinting and lash extensions. For many clients, especially those with lighter lashes, a combination of an eyelash tint and eyelash extensions is an adequate way to achieve this desired objective.

Step 2: Tinting

Eyelash tinting is one of the easiest ways to get the look of wearing quality mascara without the mess.  Eyelash tinting is a semi permanent dye specifically designed for eyelashes and sometimes brows.

Eyelash tinting won’t add curl, length, or volume to the lashes, but instead it darkens and intensifies their color. Eyelash tinting is especially dramatic for those with blonde or light brown eyelashes.

A natural eyelash tint takes only about 15-20 minutes and results are immediate. The best part about a natural eyelash tint is that it is a quick application and also easy to maintain with results lasting on average three to four weeks.

While some clients achieve their desired effect with a simple lash tint, many others also choose to add on natural lash extensions in Santa Monica for even more effect.

Most clients with light brown or blonde lashes tint theirs first so that the darker lash extensions blend better with their lashes. (Many clients also choose to combine a brow tint with eyelash tint or lash extensions.)

Step 3: How lash extensions are applied?

During the initial consultation, we take the time to evaluate the natural direction of the client’s eyelash growth.

Lash extensions application techniques allow to successfully manipulate our extensions so that they are in alignment with the lash’s natural growth pattern. We are able to create this look through our strong technical skills and years of expertise and by choosing the material that is best for the client’s current lashes and desired goal.

Our lashes are made from a variety of materials including synthetic materials, mink, silk, and cashmere.

If a client’s natural lashes are thicker, we will try to match a similar material to their existing lashes so that it blends better. This is a similar approach used in hair extension application and is a crucial part of creating a natural look.

Step 4: Natural Lashes Spacing and Placement

Our approach respects the spacing and layers of the client’s natural lashes, mimicking and blending the natural trajectory, although a bit more dramatic.

The key to this lies in using fading and shading techniques while respecting the natural volume and direction of the client’s lashes.

The amount of coverage is a factor in how dramatic the end result will look:

For clients that want a natural eyelash look, we typically aim for about 70% coverage.

For clients that want a more dramatic look, we typically cover the lashes at 100%.

The illusion of density and coverage (how thin or how thick) is largely determined by spacing.

Step 5: Length and Curl

Our eyelash extensions come in a variety of lengths. A natural eyelash extension in Newport Beach or Santa Monica application will typically use a shorter length of lash whereas a more dramatic application will use a longer length.

However, if a client’s natural lashes are already long, we will use the length that best matches theirs. We also use different lengths based on the part of the eye.

For example, inner lashes are typically shorter than the outer lashes. We also use different lengths based on how much manipulation and correction of the natural eyelashes is needed. This is referred to as fading and is a crucial component of achieving a more natural look.

Our lash extensions also come in different levels of curl. The “C Curl” is used for a natural look while the “D Curl” offers a more dramatic look. However, there are other curl levels that are valuable tools for matching almost any lash.

Step 6: A Perfect Match for Every Eye

The key to successful natural lash extensions is matching materials and application techniques to the client’s eye.

This often requires strategically manipulating the lashes not just through placing, but also identifying any curves is the client’s natural lashes.

In most cases, we want to follow the natural curve of the lash, but in others (such as when a client’s lashes are naturally downturned), we want to add on lashes that will counteract their lashes’ natural angle. This is why we never commit to using one standard length or type of lash, since eyelashes vary not just from client to client, but many times even on the same eye!

So, now you know, if you are looking for Natural Eyelash Extensions near Santa Monica or Lashes in Newport Beach. LashPilot is your place to book


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