All About the Lash Pilot Academy Lash Extension School

Lashes are hot right now in the cosmetology world. More people are seeking out eyelash extensions, perms and other services to enhance their eyes. As the eyelash trend continues to gain traction, now is the time to invest in eyelash extension training for your cosmetology business.

At Lash Pilot, we offer a lash extension school that will teach you everything you need to know about eyelash extensions – from the different types, to the methods of application, to upkeep and removal. Our academy offers lash training classes to individuals who wish to enhance their career and become a Lash Pro.

Our mission is simple: We want to empower women and female entrepreneurship by sharing our expertise with those who want to learn the technical skills to become a professional eyelash technician. If you live in the Los Angeles area and you’ve been wondering, “what is the best lash school near me,” Lash Pilot has the perfect program for you. Here’s what makes our eyelash extensions school so great.

Why the training matters

It’s important to be selective when choosing the best lash extension school for your training program. Eyelash extensions can be a beautiful way to create longer, fuller, thicker-looking eyelashes for your clients, but they also require skill and precision in order to apply correctly.

Eyelash extensions that have been incorrectly applied can cause damage to the natural lashes and the skin around the eyes, so it’s important to ensure that you are getting top-quality training from a recognized eyelash extension school so that you can feel confident in your skillset. That’s why it’s important to find a quality academy for your training, rather than going with the first result in your search for “eyelash extension school near me.”

At Lash Pilot, eyelashes are our specialty. Our clients know that we provide the highest quality service, with highly-qualified stylists who are experts on eyelash extensions. Through our Eyelash Extension Training Academy, we offer three tiers of training that work for any level of skill or experience, and can be built on until you have truly mastered the art of eyelash extensions. Our eyelash extensions school gives you all the training you need!

About Lash Pilot Extension School

As our name suggests, we at Lash Pilot are all about eyelashes! We follow the latest trends in styling and services and make sure that our stylists are thoroughly trained in all aspects of eyelash extension application, maintenance, and removal.

With so many different styles of eyelashes available – from classic, to mink, to the high-volume Russian eyelash extensions that are red-hot right now – it’s important to ensure that you are trained by true experts in the eyelash industry.

That’s why Lash Pilot’s Eyelash Extension Training Academy is the best lash extension school available for anyone who wants to learn how to become an eyelash technician. For LA-based aspiring lash techs, it’s the best eyelash extension school near me.

Tier 1: The Foundation Class

The introductory program offered at our eyelash extensions school is designed for beginners who don’t necessarily have any previous experience as a lash tech. These classes include training both in the practice of applying eyelash extensions, but also the theory behind the different products and techniques available.

This program can be thought of as “classic eyelash extension 101” because it will give you the foundations you need to hone your skills. You’ll also receive a Lash Pilot Academy Accredited Certificate once you complete the course, and get discounts on some of the products you learned to use! The Foundation Class is the perfect place to start if you’ve been looking for an eyelash extension school near you.

Tier 2: The Dual Class

The Dual Class is our most popular program, and it’s easy to see why! This training program from our eyelash extensions school includes instructions on how to apply classic eyelash extensions and the high-demand Russian Volume lashes.

The course is designed for those who have had previous experience or training in eyelash extensions and want to expand the services they offer to include the mega volume eyelash techniques. Once you’ve completed the program, you’ll receive two separate Academy Accredited Certificates: One in Classic eyelash extensions and one in the Russian Volume extensions.

Tier 3: A Hands-On Apprenticeship

There’s no better way to learn than through hands-on applications, so we offer an apprenticeship training course to truly hone your expertise in eyelash extension applications! This course is unique from our others in that it is specially tailored for your personal needs, and is exclusively offered to those with a California esthetician or cosmetologist license. If you’re in the Los Angeles area searching for a lash school near me and want to break into the eyelash industry, this is a can’t-miss program that will give you the chance to train and work in a real-life salon environment. You’ll be able to increase your productivity and become a more effective and skilled lash tech, which means that you will be empowered to pursue a new career as an eyelash extension expert.

For us here at Lash Pilot, women’s empowerment is all about ensuring that women can be financially independent and have the opportunity to work in high-earning careers, such as cosmetologists, estheticians, and more.

We offer our training courses to help open new opportunities and to help women discover new ways to start their own businesses and take control of their financial future.

With our eyelash extension training courses tailored to all levels of experience, we have a course for everyone. Sign up today and learn firsthand why Lash Pilot’s Eyelash Extension Training is the best lash extension school for all skill levels!

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