Why Eyelash Technician Training Programs Matter

Eyelash extensions are one of the most popular trends in beauty right now. Many estheticians and cosmetologists are choosing to offer these services to their clients, which means seeking out the right training program to learn the techniques. But finding the best eyelash technician training program can be confusing.

For those in the Los Angeles and Santa Monica areas, The Lash Pilot Academy offers a variety of programs for all levels of experience with eyelash extensions. Eyelash artists can learn the basics of applying classic extensions, or get more in-depth training on the current trends and various lash styles to create different looks. The Lash Pilot commitment to excellence makes their eyelash extension training programs the most comprehensive and helpful programs available.

Why Lash Pilot

Lash Pilot is all about eyelash artistry, and their eyelash technicians provide the highest quality of service to their clients. As part of the brand’s commitment to greatness, Lash Pilot’s founder

Quynh-Tram Vu developed the Lash Pilot Academy eyelash technician training program to ensure that lash artists can be trained on the best practices for applying, styling, and removing eyelash extensions. The training programs include lessons on the theory and fundamentals of applying eyelash extensions as well as the actual techniques and how-tos of applying the extensions.

With three levels of courses for everyone from beginners with no prior experience, to lash artists looking to expand their skills and learn about the latest trends, Lash Pilot’s eyelash extension training programs offer something for every level of expertise. As the beauty industry continues to evolve and change, it’s more important than ever for cosmetologists and estheticians to continue educating themselves through credible eyelash technician training programs to stay on top of the current trends.

Training matters

Applying eyelash extensions can be tricky! If done incorrectly, or if the wrong products are used, a client can experience irritation that ranges from annoying to painful. Some glues used for eyelash extensions can cause an allergic reaction, while other glues may break down quickly and cause the extensions not to last as long as the client expects. Similarly, using the wrong techniques can cause the eyelid to become inflamed and irritated, even going so far as to cause conjunctivitis.

A credible eyelash technician training program will train an eyelash technician on all the fundamentals of eyelash extensions, from the best products to use, to the proper application techniques to make sure the lashes look beautiful, last for weeks, and are comfortable to wear.

The Lash Pilot Academy Accredited Certificate

All graduates of the Lash Pilot Academy’s eyelash technician training programs receive a certificate stating that they have completed the course and are certified in eyelash artistry. These certifications help clients feel more comfortable when looking for an eyelash technician and help the tech establish credibility. Lash Pilot’s Dual Class trains eyelash techs on two types of eyelash extensions, Classic and the Russian Volume lashes, and graduates receive Academy Accredited Certificates in both lash styles. With these certifications, a lash artist can demonstrate their expertise and commitment to quality eyelash extensions for every client.

Lash Pilot’s eyelash extension training programs

Rather than try to stick to a one-size-fits-all approach, Lash Pilot offers three different eyelash technician training programs tailored to different experience levels and different certifications. All programs include certificates upon completion, as well as a free training kit and discounts on products.

The introductory program, called The Foundation Class, is aimed at those who are just starting their career as an eyelash artist and may not have any previous experience. In this program, eyelash technicians learn the basics about applying classic eyelash extensions, as well as the theory behind the techniques. This eyelash technician training program is the perfect place to start in order to build a solid foundation for expertise as a lash artists.

The next level program is the Dual Class, where eyelash techs learn how to apply both the classic eyelash extensions and the high-demand Russian Volume lashes. This program is designed for experienced lash artists who want to expand their skillset and stay on top of current trends. Being certified in the application of mega volume eyelashes means that a lash artist can offer a wider range of services and bring in new clients.

The most extensive training program offered by Lash Pilot Academy is a hands-on apprenticeship program that is specially tailored for the student’s personal interests and needs. The apprenticeship program gives aspiring lash techs the chance to train and work in a real-life salon environment, and is ideal for any lash artist that wants to become more productive and effective at applying eyelash extensions.

With new products being launched and new trends emerging nearly every day, the beauty industry is an exciting one to get into. The right eyelash technician training program is essential to provide a high level of service to clients, as well as to learn about the safety measures to be taken in order to prevent any adverse effects. Knowing how to apply, style, maintain and remove eyelash extensions is a key skill set for estheticians. With the eyelash technician training programs offered by Lash Pilot, anyone can launch their new business as a certified eyelash technician.


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