Start Your Own Eyelash Extensions Business with Lash Pilot Training

Opportunity is all around you. All you have to do is know how to identify it. If you fancy yourself a woman looking to make your mark in the business world and have a love for aesthetics, the Lash Pilot has a perfect eyelash extensions business opportunity for you.

Maybe you want to start your career. Or, maybe you just want to enhance the business you already own. Either way, the information you are about to read will show you how Lash Pilot can help.

Choose Your Class

We offer three courses specially designed for the novice up to the experienced beauty professional. We even offer an apprentice course that is customized based on your specific needs. The first course Lash Pilot offers is the Foundation Class – Classic Lash Extension course. This course is excellent for beginners. It includes education in classic set eyelash extension 101 as well as training in theory and practice. Completion of this class also includes a Lash Pilot Academy Accredited Certificate, a free training kit, and product discounts.

Next, is The Dual Class – Russian Volume and Classic course. This class is designed for students with prior eyelash experience. It’s especially for individual who likes to advance their skills from classic lashing to mega volume techniques. Additionally, this class offers Hybrid Extension 101: Russian Volume and Classic.

Select the Right Lash Course or Certification

When you choose this course, you also receive two Academy Accredited Certificates, which include the Classic and Russian Volume plus a free training kit and product discounts. 

While the Foundation Class focuses on theory and practice, the Dual Class offers both Russian Volume and Classic Lash extensions. Students will also learn the use of techniques in applying applications, correct fan placement, eye shape correction, patterns, mapping, and styling, one on one practice, and business guidance. 

Finally, for the experienced esthetician, Lash Pilot offers the Hands-On Apprenticeship Class. Clients must have either a CA esthetician or cosmetologist license for this course. This is perfect for certified graduate students and entrepreneurs looking for guidance in breaking into the lash industry.

The lash technician who joins this course wants to increase her personal productivity and enhance her personal effectiveness. This client also has the ability to train and work in a real-life salon environment.

Specifically, this is a tailored course focusing on mentoring and apprenticeship and is a combination of on-the-job training and related classroom instruction under the supervision of our industry experts. This is the course where clients will learn the practical and theoretical aspects of lash extensions, train on a real client, and also learn the insight practice of running a professional lash studio business.

The Big Question: What’s Next?

Upon completing this course, clients will be able to:

  • Refresh their knowledge in classic and mega volume
  • expand their theoretical and practical understanding
  • Improve overall skills and technique as a lash artist
  • Receive further training at the Lash Pilot Studio directly from the owner
  • Receive full support system and mentorship
  • Increase confidence and practice on real client
  • Receive hands-on three (3) to six (6) clients a day depending on the level of capability
  • Earn while training
  • Learn all the latest trends lashing techniques
  • Learn customer service and problem-solving skills in different scenarios
  • Learn business insider knowledge and entrepreneurship
  • Obtain knowledge in Sales and marketing aspects oflash studio business

This is a personal course dedicated to our student’s needs and schedule. The instructors also focus on areas of improvement. The course period lasts anywhere from one to two months, depending on the student level. And the student will work directly with the salon owner and instructor.

Why Lash Pilot: The Eyelash Extensions Business

Lash Pilot trainers are in place to help the students where they lack. Their only goal is to help students improve in areas where they are weak while also serving as mentors that help develop self-confidence. Whether you’re a graduate student, salon owner, lash addict or a female entrepreneur who is passionate about her abilities and has what it takes to be her own boss girl in the lash game, this is the perfect course for you.

For sure, the Hands-On Apprentice Class is a course that will help you learn everything about becoming a lash pro and a successful Eyelash Extensions Business owner. The completion of this course offers students the opportunity to find employment after training. That means you could be earning an income in 30 to 45 days.

To sum it up, students that complete our courses find themselves in a position to be employed as expert lash technicians. That means they are equipped with the skills, expertise, and know-how to give their clients the look they expect. Whether the client is a novice or professional, they are in the right hands when they choose Lash Pilot professionals to lead them along their journey to esthetic excellence.


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