Local Eyelash Training Offering Russian Lashes Near Santa Monica

Are you interested in learning how to perform Russian lashes near Santa Monica? At the Lash Pilot studio, we’ve been performing eyelash extension and micro-blading since 2014. Our lash artists stay up to date on eyelash extension trends to offer our clients the latest looks. If you’re an experienced lash technician looking to master Russian eyelash extensions near Santa Monica, our training courses could be right for you!

What are Russian Volume Lashes?

There are many different styles of eyelash extensions available. The size and style of eyelash extensions depend on several factors. These include the client’s face and eye shape, and whether they want a more natural or dramatic look.

Volume lashes first came onto the scene in about 2010. This style of eyelash extension creates a thicker, fuller lash. It looks amazing on people with sparse natural lashes or those who want to make an impact with their appearance. Russian lashes are a volume style that uses fans of 2-6 ultra-fine false lashes on each natural lash. Although they originated in Russia, they’re now popular all over the world!

Training in Russian Lashes Near Santa Monica

At our Santa Monica location, Lash Pilot provides Russian and mega volume lashing treatments. We also offer training in these lash styles for experienced lash artists.

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Applying eyelash extension fans to eyelashes is a delicate art. A lash artist must consider the client’s natural lash length and strength, as well as their face and eye shape. Applying lashes that are too long or thick can cause the false lashes to droop, giving the client a sleepy appearance. In some cases, eyelash extensions that are too heavy can damage the natural lash and cause it to fall out.

Our training courses in Russian lashes near Santa Monica can help lash artists to master the techniques of Russian lashing. The advanced class we offer in mega volume techniques focuses on the skills behind this style of eyelash extension.

Who Can Learn Russian Eyelash Extensions Near Santa Monica

The Lash Pilot course on Russian lashes near Santa Monica is aimed at experienced eyelash technicians. We also offer a foundational course for newcomers to the industry who want to learn the basics. Once students have mastered classic lashing, they can advance to our volume eyelash extension course.

We want to support lash artists as they develop their careers. We designed our course on Russian volume lashes near Santa Monica specifically for these students. Technicians who understand the basics of applying lash extensions can move on to more advanced techniques.

Our mega volume course serves both newly qualified technicians, and those who want to brush up on their skills and techniques. Whether you’ve been applying eyelash extensions for days or years, you can learn something from our course on Russian lashes near Santa Monica!

The Benefits of Training in Russian Lashes Near Santa Monica

At Lash Pilot, we believe in the importance of continuing education. We devised our training courses at our working eyelash extension salon so that lash artists can keep evolving their skills. Beauty fashions change all the time, and new advances in the industry can mean lash artists who don’t keep learning can get left behind. Don’t become the stylist whose styles are all out of date! At the Lash Pilot Academy, we help lash artists from all backgrounds to master Russian volume lashes near Santa Monica.

Eyelash extensions are growing in popularity. With increased demand, lash technicians can boost their earnings. Technicians who offer the most fashionable techniques could earn even more than their competitors. Lash training in Russian lashes near Santa Monica is an amazing way of developing a career as a lash stylist. It could even help increase your income potential.

Why Learn Russian lashes Near Santa Monica with Lash Pilot

The Lash Pilot Academy courses provide training that covers more than just lashing techniques. Our students also benefit from instruction on how to identify lash types, and select fans based on the client’s needs and expectations. We also cover the basics of different lash types, lengths, weights, and shapes. Students also get hands-on experience in fan-making. They even learn how to design their own signature styles of eyelash extensions.

We also believe in supporting women in the workplace through entrepreneurship training. As part of our instruction on performing Russian eyelash extensions near Santa Monica, we teach how to turn those skills into a business opportunity. Advance your career potential with a Lash Pilot training course.

Just some of the lessons our students learn include:

  • The theory of mega volume lashing
  • Ombre Russian volume techniques
  • How to prepare tools and workstation
  • Creating fans and designing the most popular shapes: Almond, Doll, Kitty, Cat Eye
  • Applying mega volume lash extensions
  • Creating different effects, including eyeliner and strip lash
  • Hands-on experience with a live model

Upon completion, successful students earn two accredited certificates. They also get ongoing support and mentorship from Lash Pilot.

If you’re excited about the possibility of learning to apply Russian lashes near Santa Monica, contact us today to discover more about our Academy and book your seat on the next available course!


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