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Elevate Your Career with Lash Extension Certification at Lash Pilot Academy

If you’re considering starting your own eyelash extension business, then getting a lash extension certification is a good first step. There are many potential benefits to earning a lash certificate. Just some include boosting customer confidence and helping to raise your bottom line. This post will explore some of these benefits, and explain how to get certified for lash extensions.

What is a Lash Extension Certificate?

Lash Pilot is headquartered in the state of California. Here, eyelash extensions can only be performed by a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician. Getting a license means undergoing extensive training in all kinds of beauty treatments. Licensed practitioners must complete at least 1600 hours at an accredited beauty school or 3200 hours as an apprentice.

This training qualifies somebody to offer a range of beauty services. But it doesn’t guarantee that they’re experts in applying lash extensions. That’s where a lash extension certificate comes in. To earn this certificate, a cosmetologist or esthetician has to undergo additional training just on applying eyelash extensions. They are then licensed and certified to offer this beauty treatment.

Why Having a Lash Extension Certificate Matters

Cosmetologists and estheticians are highly qualified, but they aren’t experts in everything. Eyes and eyelashes are particularly delicate. Some people are nervous about having beauty treatments in this area. We find that clients feel more comfortable at salons where the technicians have earned lash extension certificates.

While eyelash extension treatments are generally safe, there are some risks if they’re done improperly. Wearing lashes that are too long, thick, or heavy can stress hair follicles and cause natural lashes to fall out. Some clients may also experience allergic reactions to eyelash extension products or adhesives. A certified eyelash technician will be better prepared to anticipate these risks. This can help reduce the chances of a treatment going wrong.

Lash Pilot Lash Extension Certificates

At Lash Pilot, we offer two different certificates for eyelash extensions at the Lash Pilot Academy. The first certificate is designed for newcomers to the eyelash extension industry. It teaches novices everything they need to know to become a certified Lash Artist! It’s also a great refresher course for experienced eyelash extension technicians who want to brush up on their skills.

Our advanced course focuses on two mega volume techniques that are in hot demand. These techniques need extra training to get right. Designed for learners who already have experience performing eyelash extensions, the mega volume lash certificate raises the bar for professional lash artists.

Why Choose Lash Pilot Lash Extension Certification

The Lash Pilot lash extension classes were devised by our founder, Quynh-Tram Vu. A veteran of the industry, Tram has been offering lash extensions and other beauty treatments for over two decades.

At the heart of our lash extension certification courses is the desire to empower women. We want to help stylists take control of their careers and run successful businesses of their own. At the Lash Pilot Academy, we don’t just teach how to install killer lash extensions. We also provide guidance on the business skills necessary to become your own boss.

When cosmetologists and estheticians choose the Lash Pilot Academy, they’re choosing to learn the latest eyelash extension techniques from a long-established practitioner. They’re also choosing a course that provides a rounded education in so much more than techniques alone.

The Lash Pilot foundation course begins with an overview of eye and eyelash anatomy. Students also learn the theory behind installing eyelash extensions. This includes knowledge of the different types of extensions available, and safety and sanitation. Then students get the hands-on training they need to help master the correct method of applying eyelash extensions safely.

Our advanced course is an in-depth look at hybrid Russian and mega volume lash extension techniques. At the end of the course, students will have gained better knowledge on how to identify lash types and how to make and apply fans. We also guide students on how to select the best lash type to suit each individual’s natural lashes and desired results.

The Business Advantage of Having a Lash Extension Certificate

Being certified can help a stylist to prove their skill. It shows they’ve gone above and beyond to learn about performing eyelash extensions. But getting a lash certificate can provide even more business benefits.

Lash artists who are licensed and certified can find there is a higher demand for their services. Many clients prefer to visit the most qualified technicians. And being in higher demand means stylists can consider increasing their rates. Potentially they can earn more than technicians who don’t hold a lash certificate.

Lash Pilot also provides a referral service to graduates of the Lash Pilot Academy. Our free listing and Artist Locator services help match clients with newly qualified lash artists. That means Academy students enjoy an exclusive source of potential clients. They also gain the ongoing benefit of being affiliated with the Lash Pilot brand.

The Lash Pilot Training Opportunity

If you believe in the benefit of lash extension certification and offering clients the best treatments from certified technicians, then a Lash Pilot Academy training course could be right for you. Contact us today to learn more about being certified with us and starting your eyelash ex as tension career.

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