How to Invest in a Volume Lashes Training Course?

Working with a studio that offers volume lashes training could be a smart move if you want to enter the eyelash extensions business. In this post, learn all about the Lash Pilot volume lashes training courses. Discover the benefits of learning with a lash extension company that goes the extra mile!

Lash Pilot Lashes Extension Courses

Only a qualified cosmetologist or esthetician can perform eyelash extensions in California. Students and apprentices undergo thousands of hours of instruction to reach that point. But at Lash Pilot, we believe that’s just the beginning of a lash artist’s training. That’s why we offer a range of courses courses, to teach both newcomers and experienced technicians the skills of applying lash extensions.

Our lashes extension course gives us the confidence that our lash artists are educated in all aspects of lash extensions. From eye anatomy to the different types of extensions available, our courses cover it all!

Volume Lashes are In Demand

Volume lashes give clients a bigger, bolder look than traditional eyelash extensions. By applying volume lashes, lash artists can create a thick, full-lashed appearance. Volume lashes are achieved by placing multiple fans of lash extensions on each natural eyelash.

Done right, the volume or Russian eyelash look can accentuate the natural beauty of the eye to dramatic effect. However, volume lashes differ from conventional eyelash extensions in several ways. First, volume lashes are thinner and lighter. This is because multiple volume lashes are applied to each natural lash. Volume lashes fill the gaps between natural eyelashes and create a full, feathery finish.

To stay on top of this popular trend in eyelash fashion, it’s important that technicians be trained in volume lash techniques. Using the wrong lashes for volume applications can cause stress or damage to the natural lash and hair follicle. Volume lashes also require more adhesive and have a longer bonded surface. This can also be tough on natural lashes if the extensions aren’t performed properly.

About Our Volume Lashes Training Course

To address the growing demand for volume lashes, we devised a mega volume lashes training course. This course is aimed at experienced eyelash extension artists. Here, we teach students how to apply both Russian Volume and Classic lash extensions.

Our volume lashes training course teaches the advanced techniques stylists need to know. It was designed by Lash Pilot founder Quynh-Tram Vu, a beauty industry veteran. We start with the fundamentals of the materials and options available to lash technicians. Then we show them how to select the most appropriate lashes for their client’s needs.

From fan-making and mapping to creating their own signature look, we guide our students as they work to become expert volume lash stylists.

How Volume Lashes Training Boosts Customer Confidence

When clients look for a salon to perform eyelash extensions, they want a location that knows how to do things properly. That means employing lash artists who are trained in the latest techniques and continue learning throughout their careers.

Getting any cosmetic procedure around the delicate eye area can be daunting. Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent procedure, so you want to be sure you leave the salon looking your best. Experienced technicians are also trained in what can go wrong.

While lash extensions are generally safe, as, with any cosmetic treatment, there may be adverse reactions. Allergic reactions to the adhesive or lash material are rare but can happen. A trained eyelash stylist knows the risk factors and can reduce the chances of an adverse reaction.

At Lash Pilot, we believe in getting the right education and we never stop learning. Our volume lashes training course is just one way we continue to help stylists evolve their skills!

Making the Right Training Investment

If you’re a cosmetologist or esthetician considering certification for a new skill, you need to find the right opportunity.

Eyelash extensions are big business. As a whole, the beauty salon industry is worth almost $43 billion. While hair and nail salons still dominate this market, eyebrow and eyelash extension salons are quickly catching up.

Data from Nielsen showed that eyelash treatments such as lash extensions increased 189% from 2017-2018. And despite eyecare being the most valuable cosmetics market segment, sales of mascara have been declining in recent years as more people choose lash extensions instead.

These statistics point to the exciting potential of this industry to continue to grow in the coming years. Smart stylists could take advantage of this emerging market segment. But as more eyelash extension salons open, it’s important for owners and technicians to consider their unique selling proposition.

At Lash Pilot, we believe in continually learning and evolving. We offer some of the latest styles and innovations in eyelash extensions, performed by experienced stylists who have access to our extensive volume lashes training course.

The Lash Pilot Training Opportunity

We aren’t just another eyelash extension salon. We’re the place that stylists go to learn their trade and brush up on their skills. Our founder, Quynh-Tram Vu, has worked in the beauty industry for over two decades. Her dedication to her craft, and innovative approach to the art of gorgeous eyelash extensions, is the backbone of Lash Pilot’s success.

If you’re considering the potential of eyelash extension certification, the Lash Pilot Academy could present a great opportunity. Get in touch today to learn more about our training program and see if we’re the right fit for you.


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