Supporting Our Technicians with Lash Tech Classes Near Santa Monica

At Lash Pilot, we want to offer our clients the very best treatments and services available. That means supporting our lash technicians by ensuring they receive the training they need in the latest lash extension techniques. Our lash tech classes near Santa Monica provide all this training and more, right from the Lash Pilot HQ!

Why Certification Matter and How Lash Tech Classes Near Santa Monica Can Help

In California, where Lash Pilot is headquartered, only licensed cosmetologists and estheticians can provide lash extension treatments. While the training to become licensed is extensive, it’s also generalized. This means it doesn’t always cover everything a lash artist needs to know.

Our lash tech classes near Santa Monica fill the gaps in cosmetology training and certify licensed practitioners as experts in the techniques of applying eyelash extensions. We believe it’s important for lash artists to be both licensed and certified. That way clients can book services with confidence, knowing their stylists have gone above and beyond in their training and are more experienced in achieving the looks that our clients want.

How Lash Tech Classes Near Santa Monica Support the Lash Pilot Brand

The eyelash artists that we employ don’t just represent themselves when they’re working — they also represent the Lash Pilot brand. It’s important to us that our clients receive the quality eyelash extensions they deserve and trust us with their beauty treatments. By training our technicians in-house, we can ensure that they have the skills required to deliver services worthy of the Lash Pilot name.

Our founder, Quynh-Tram Vu, devised the Lash Pilot Academy training program based on her experience working in the beauty and lash extension industry for over two decades. The certification courses we offer cover the most popular treatments our clients request, and teach technicians all about the theory and practical aspects of applying eyelash extensions.

Helping Our Technicians to Become the Best

Our lash tech classes near Santa Monica don’t only benefit the Lash Pilot brand. We also want to support our technicians and help them to become the best lash artists they can be! That means teaching them the right skills, and showing them how to follow the right practices.

The Lash Pilot Academy training begins with the theory and fundamentals of applying eyelash extensions and continues to cover the appropriate techniques to install different types of lash extensions and achieve the desired results.

Lash Pilot lash tech classes near Santa Monica also give lash artists the opportunity to develop their careers. Our advanced courses teach the latest techniques available, so even established lash technicians can continue their training and education. It’s never too late to learn new skills, and in the rapidly evolving beauty industry, we believe it’s extra important for stylists to keep learning and stay on top of the latest trends.

Lash Tech Classes Near Santa Monica — A Twofold Approach to Excellence

At the Lash Pilot Academy, students can choose from two courses that together offer a comprehensive education on the skills of applying lash extensions.

The foundation course covers the basics for newcomers to eyelash extensions. Our lash instructors work with students on a one-on-one and small group basis to educate them on the different skills they need to master to become certified eyelash extension artists.

Advanced learners and practicing artists can develop their skills with our dual-class in classic volume and Russian eyelash extension techniques. This class takes eyelash extensions to the next level, teaching some of the hottest looks in demand today. In our mega volume class, more is more! Once certified, experienced technicians can level up and offer their clients these on-trend looks.

Going Beyond Lash Tech Classes Near Santa Monica

In addition to our lash tech classes near Santa Monica, we also offer online courses for learners from farther afield. Our brow lamination course instructs students on the theory and techniques of eyebrow lamination and styling treatments, and also covers the appropriate health and safety measures that stylists should take while performing brow laminations.

Why Stylists Choose Lash Pilot Lash Tech Classes Near Santa Monica

We’ve invested heavily in the curriculum of our lash tech classes to ensure they cover all the key skills a lash extension stylist needs to know. Through our training modules, students don’t just learn how to apply lash extensions, but the fashions governing the industry, the latest trends, and how to apply what they’ve learned in running their own businesses.

Our mission is to empower women and female entrepreneurs by teaching valuable skills that let them take control of their own careers. After successfully completing a Lash Pilot lash tech class, newly certified lash artists have the chance to go on to paid apprenticeships or other employment opportunities with the Lash Pilot. We also offer an Artist Locator Service so clients can find Lash Pilot-certified stylists in their area.

All this adds up to a great opportunity for new and experienced lash extension stylists alike and protects and elevates the Lash Pilot brand. We want our name to be synonymous with expert, quality eyelash extension services. Our Academy training gives stylists the information they need to improve their skills and deliver results that their clients love!

Training with Lash Pilot

Lash Pilot was established in Santa Monica in 2014 by Quynh-Tram Vu. A veteran of the beauty industry, Tram has worked as a cosmetologist, makeup artist, and eyelash extension specialist for over twenty years. She believes that successful business owners never stop learning and innovating. Tram developed the Lash Pilot Academy training courses based on her experience working directly with clients and other industry professionals.

If you share our values and want to learn more about training with us, get in touch today to discover more about our available classes and find out if they’re right for you.


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