How Eyelash Extension Training Boosts the Lash Pilot Brand

At Lash Pilot, we don’t just hire the most skilled and talented lash artists we can find to work with our clients. We also train the next generation of technicians through our eyelash extension training courses at the Lash Pilot Academy. Find out how our lash extension training program supports and elevates the Lash Pilot brand!

All About Eyelash Extensions

Lash extensions are one of the hottest beauty trends of the moment. Getting eyelash extensions involves attaching synthetic, mink, or silk fibers to natural lashes to produce longer, fuller, thicker-looking eyelashes. Extensions are applied individually using semi-permanent adhesive, and they last approximately six weeks.

It takes skill and precision to correctly apply eyelash extensions in order to achieve the desired result. While eyelash extensions are generally considered safe, there are potential unwanted side effects if the lashes aren’t installed correctly.

Why Eyelash Extension Training Matters

Incorrectly installed eyelash extensions can damage natural lashes or the skin around the eyes. In California, where Lash Pilot is headquartered, eyelash extensions are regulated and can only be administered by a trained cosmetologist, esthetician, or technician working under a physician.

A trained eyelash extension stylist has been educated to avoid making mistakes with lash extensions that can trigger irritation, redness, and swelling around the eye. Trained stylists can also discuss the planned adhesive and extension type with clients before their treatment, and reduce the risks of allergic reactions by asking the right questions.

Getting the right eyelash extension training is an important first step in making sure that extensions are installed correctly and the client gets the look they want for their eyelashes.

All About the Lash Pilot Eyelash Extension Training Academy

At Lash Pilot, we offer extensive training on all aspects of providing lash extension services. Over one-on-one or small group classes, we teach novices everything they need to know to become qualified lash stylists. We also offer an advanced training course for experienced stylists who want to brush up on the latest eyelash extension fashions and techniques.

Our innovative curriculum was devised in our working eyelash extension studio and covers everything from the theory and fundamentals of eyelash extensions to product knowledge, equipment setup, and styling methods.

At the end of the Lash Pilot Academy lash extension training course, graduates receive an Academy Accredited Certificate that qualifies them as an eyelash extension stylist.

More About the Lash Pilot Eyelash Extension Training Curriculum

There are many different eyelash extension options available for our clients to choose from, and just as many different styles and looks for them to achieve! In our training curriculum, we cover all the fundamentals a new eyelash stylist needs to know, starting with the anatomy of the eyelash itself.

Eyelashes are delicate, and it’s important to provide a service that not only enhances the natural beauty of a client’s eyelashes but also protects them. Our foundational course begins by teaching students how to isolate and retain lashes during treatment. We cover the different types of eyelash extensions available and educate learners so they can determine which extensions are most suitable for their clients’ needs.

We take health and safety seriously and instill good practices when it comes to equipment and workspace cleanliness and appropriate sanitation measures. Students also learn how to spot potential allergic reactions to the adhesive or eyelash extensions themselves, and the questions to ask new clients to reduce the risks of an adverse reaction.

Advanced learners can continue to our Hybrid Russian & Mega Volume lash extension training course, where we teach the techniques required to apply two of the most in-demand eyelash looks of the moment.

Eyelash Extension Training Protects the Lash Pilot Brand

By offering training through our Academy, we help to promote excellence in the industry and safeguard the Lash Pilot brand. Hiring from our pool of qualified new stylists helps us to employ the most promising talent and trust them to carry out work to the exacting standards that Lash Pilot clients expect.

Training our own stylists also means our clients know they’re in good hands, no matter which technician they see. Our stylists are taught to follow the same procedures at every step, from consulting with new clients for the first time to ensuring equipment and workspaces are appropriately sanitized, and installing eyelash extensions to deliver the results our clients want to achieve.

Supporting Entrepreneurs and Empowering Women with Eyelash Extension Training

As part of our thorough training program, our students learn more than just how to apply great-looking lashes. We also provide guidance on how qualified stylists can run their own businesses and market their services. We believe in lifting others with us as we rise, and our eyelash extension training offers a valuable skill set that students can use to take charge of their careers and become their own bosses.

Lash Pilot: More Than Just Experienced Stylists

At Lash Pilot, we pride ourselves on our long history in the lash extension business. Our founder, Quynh-Tram Vu, has offered premium micro-blading and lash extensions at Lash Pilot since 2014, and has worked in the beauty industry for over twenty years.

Tram devised the curriculum for the Lash Pilot Academy eyelash extension training program based on her decades of experience. Her mission is to provide the latest in state-of-the-art cosmetic enhancements.

Expanding the Lash Pilot brand to incorporate a training Academy was a natural trajectory of our growth. Now we can help to elevate standards across the industry by giving students the tools they need to learn how to install lash extensions that meet Lash Pilot standards.

The Lash Pilot Academy Training Opportunity

If you’re passionate about helping people to look their best, a Lash Pilot Academy training course could be the right opportunity for you. We’ve spent years building our brand, and the Lash Pilot Academy eyelash extension training program is just one way we’ve gone above and beyond to set the standard for excellence in cosmetology services.

To learn more about investing in a Lash Pilot Academy training course, contact us today to learn more about our available classes.


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