Adding Value to the Lash Pilot Brand with Lash Extension Classes

Why do lash extension classes matter? Because a beauty parlor is only as good as its stylists. No matter if a salon offers hair care, nail treatments, facials, and skincare, or eyelash extensions, the brand’s reputation is built on offering quality, reliable service to its clients. That means sourcing qualified technicians is a top priority for any salon owner.

At Lash Pilot, we’ve taken the guesswork out of vetting potential new stylists with our lash extension classes, ensuring that every Lash Pilot location always has a pool of expert technicians to hire from.

The Value of Hiring Qualified Stylists

Stylists are the front line of beauty businesses. They cultivate relationships with customers, earn their trust, and keep them coming back. A strong team of great technicians can help a salon develop a reputation for excellence that draws in other people through word of mouth recommendations and social proof such as online reviews.

Bad stylists, on the other hand, can quickly cost a business its reputation and income. One poll found that a fifth of women have left a salon in tears after their treatment didn’t deliver the results they were expecting. While a bad haircut can be fixed fairly simply, cosmetic procedures such as eyelash extensions can come with more serious side effects than uneven bangs. That’s why it’s important that technicians applying eyelash extensions thoroughly understand their work.

Working with qualified, experienced eyelash stylists is a key step in reducing the likelihood of adverse effects such as allergic reactions to the product, or delivering results that don’t meet the client’s expectations. A trained eyelash technician can discuss a client’s requirements and also take into account details such as their face shape in order to deliver the results that best meet their expectations. Good stylists should also be able to evaluate a client’s existing lashes to identify any potential issues with the service they’ve requested.

While every customer wants to visit the best technicians available, how do they know if they’ve made the right decision? At Lash Pilot, our lash extensions classes help to resolve this critical issue.

Lash Pilot Lash Extension Classes Make the Difference

At the Lash Pilot Academy, all our students go through rigorous training to learn everything they need to know about providing eyelash extension services. Our lash extension classes start with an introductory course that covers the basics and more, turning eyelash novices into certified stylists.

Advanced students can go on to our Mega Volume Class, where they train in classic and Russian eyelash extension techniques. We also offer a hands-on apprenticeship class, tailored to the student’s individual needs and goals.

After successfully completing our lash extension classes, certified students are granted the right to use the Lash Pilot Artist logo and receive referrals and further employment opportunities. That means the Lash Pilot Artists represent a promising talent pool of highly trained, up-and-coming lash artists who have the potential to establish successful lash extension businesses of their own.

Teaching the Right Skills

Our mission is to combine comprehensive treatment knowledge with a variety of state-of-the-art cosmetic enhancement options to deliver the best eyelash experience. That mission begins on Day One of our Academy training, where we instruct our learners on the fundamentals of applying eyelash extensions.

Our lash extension classes emphasize the basics first, including eye anatomy and lash growth, product information, types of available eyelash extensions, and health, safety, and sanitation. Once qualified, our Lash Pilot Artists have been given all the knowledge and training they need to perform quality work to the highest standards. They’re stylists that clients can trust.

The Benefit Of Lash Extension Classes for Current Stylists

It isn’t only newcomers to the lash extension business that can benefit from the Lash Pilot Academy. Current technicians can take advantage of refresher training by joining a session in the salon, and experienced stylists can also have the opportunity to take on a mentor or instructor role to new learners.

By working with apprentices and students, stylists can share their knowledge, improve their own skills, and get increased job satisfaction from their work. Teaching others challenges stylists to raise their game and really think about the theory behind their craft. It’s just one way that working with Lash Pilot keeps experienced stylists committed and engaged in what they do.

The Benefit of Lash Extension Classes for New Business Owners

Graduates of the Lash Pilot Academy are certified in providing amazing eyelash extension services. They even get to use the Lash Pilot branding, and that means they can begin building their own salons with a credible brand name at their back.

Potential employers also don’t need to be experts in order to test our graduates’ knowledge, because they’ve already been certified by our founder and course director, Quynh-Tram Vu.

Tram has worked in the beauty industry for over twenty years, and her experience and dedication to the Lash Pilot mission has helped her shape the Academy lash extension classes to ensure they meet her exacting standards.

By accessing this pool of highly qualified individuals, employers can reduce their time to opening, and quickly fill their salon with reliable, skilled technicians. This benefits the entire Lash Pilot brand by introducing more of our skilled Lash Artists to new and existing lash extension salons.

Whether they start their own businesses after graduating, or go to work at other salons, customers know when they see a Lash Pilot Artist, they see a stylist they can trust. That makes our lash extension classes a powerful tool as we work together to build a brand known for providing quality, reliable lash extension services.

Train with Lash Pilot

If you believe in our mission to provide comprehensive eyelash treatments that deliver the best possible results, and want to start your own business providing eyelash extensions, joining the Lash Pilot Academy could be the right move for you. Reach out to us today to learn more about available classes in your area, and take the next step toward opening your very own eyelash extension salon.


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