Investing Locally: Training with a Business Performing Nano-blading near Santa Monica

Nano-blading, micro-blading, and other permanent make-up services can present a great opportunity for stylists looking to learn a skill they can turn into their own beauty salon business. In this post, learn all about eyebrow nano-blading, and why you should consider investing in a training course from Lash Pilot, a leading salon offering nano-blading near Santa Monica.

What is Nano-blading, and How is it Different from Microblading?

Nano-blading is a type of semi-permanent make-up that uses a very fine tattoo needle. The needle is known as a nano-blade, hence nano-blading! A nano-blade is smaller than a microblade, so nano-blading may produce more detailed results than micro-blading. However, the technique used is very similar for both procedures.

Nano-blading and micro-blading are most commonly used on the lips and eyebrows. For nano-blade lips, the technician applies a lip liner or full color to create a semi-permanent look. For nano-blade eyebrows, the technician fills in thin brows to create a fuller, thicker look. Semi-permanent make-up is a great option for people who want to maintain the same look for a year or longer.

Why Consider Training with a Salon Offering Microblading and Nano-blading?

Permanent and semi-permanent make-up solutions are increasing in popularity. The global medical aesthetics market is projected to grow to $26.5 billion by 2026, and even Vogue is on board with the micro-blading trend.

Compared with tattooing, micro-blading and nano-blading are fast, simple procedures. Pigments are applied just 0.08 – 0.15mm underneath the skin, creating a very natural result. And it doesn’t matter if a style falls out of fashion because nano-blade eyebrows don’t last forever.

Even though semi-permanent make-up will fade over time, it’s important to give clients the look they deserve. That means employing trained, experienced technicians. Lash Pilot in Santa Monica not only hires qualified micro-blading and nano-blading technicians, but we also operate our own training academy, where the next generation of cosmetologists and estheticians can learn valuable skills.

Choosing to train with a company that offers semi-permanent make-up treatments, such as Lash Pilot, means students may benefit from our experience offering nano-blading and micro-blading services. In addition, Academy graduates get the benefit of using a name that potential customers know and trust.

Choosing Local with Nano-blading Near Santa Monica

When considering training opportunities, looking locally may offer some advantages over joining a national school.

First, local salons know their community. This is super important for entrepreneurs looking to enter the beauty industry. In a rapidly evolving field, generic doesn’t cut it. What’s cool in Santa Monica might not yet have reached New York. At Lash Pilot, we know the results our customers want, and we continually evolve to keep up with the hottest looks.

Staying ahead of the latest trends and keeping a finger on the pulse of local fashion could give local beauty salons an advantage over national training schools. This is a great reason why looking for a local training opportunity offering micro-blading and eyebrow nano-blading could be a good idea.

Get More Marketing Opportunities with Local Events and Nano-blading Near Me

Choosing a local training academy could also provide more business opportunities based on local events. Certified technicians can target attendees when a new show comes to town or party season gets underway. National schools rely on national holidays to promote their businesses, overlooking many significant local venues and occasions.

Knowing what’s going on in your area is a great way to improve your marketing game. Savvy local salons make the most of their specialized local knowledge to attract new customers. If you’re considering a beauty training course in your area and looking for a company providing micro-blading and nano-blading near Santa Monica, Lash Pilot Academy could be the opportunity you’re seeking.

Lash Pilot Microblading and Nano-blading Near Santa Monica

At Lash Pilot, we offer a range of semi-permanent and permanent make-up services, including eyebrow and lip-blushing tattooing, micro-blading, permanent eyeliner, and tattoo removal.

We’re one of only a few salons offering ombré-effect micro-blading. This technique uses two different pigments to shade eyebrows, adding greater depth and dimension. Our proprietary technique delivers fresh, powdery results that many of our clients love.

Our students get to study our techniques and receive advice and guidance based on our years of experience providing semi-permanent and permanent make-up treatments in Santa Monica. We aim to continually learn and evolve so we can offer our clients the latest treatments and most up-to-date trends.

Opening a Semi-Permanent Make-Up Salon: What You Need to Know

If you’ve never owned a beauty salon before, getting started can be daunting! Whether you’re a newcomer to the industry, or an established esthetician or cosmetologist looking to start your own business, there’s a lot you need to consider.

From training and licensing to building out a safe, clean salon where clients will feel relaxed and comfortable, it helps to have advice and guidance from someone who’s been there first. Lash Pilot was founded in 2014, and over the years we’ve adapted every aspect of our business model to fit our services and meet our clients’ expectations. Our in-depth knowledge of the market for micro-blading and nano-blading near Santa Monica is just one part of the value we add to our Academy courses!


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