A Complete Guide to Volume Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions, once reserved for A-listers and celebrities, have gone mainstream and are available to women everywhere. From light volume to classic volume to Russian volume and more, there are many eyelash extensions to choose from. Our expertly trained lash artists will help you find the lashes that fit your lifestyle and personality.

Here is your complete guide to volume lash extensions:

1. What are volume lash extensions?

Volume lash extensions are a type of eyelash extension that involves attaching multiple, lightweight lash extensions to each natural lash. The extensions used in volume lash extensions are much thinner and lighter than those used in classic lash extensions. The result is a fuller, more dramatic look than classic lash extensions, which involve attaching a single extension to each natural lash.

2.  How are volume lash extensions applied?

Volume lash extensions are applied using a similar technique to classic lash extensions. However, instead of attaching a single extension to each natural lash, the lash artist attaches multiple extensions to each natural lash. This is done using a specialized technique that involves fanning out the lash extensions and attaching them to the natural lash using a small amount of adhesive.

3.  What are Russian eyelash extensions?

Russian lash extensions are a breakthrough advancement in the lash industry. Russian lash extensions are a type of eyelash extension that uses a technique called “volume lashing” to create a fuller, more dramatic look. Unlike traditional eyelash extensions, which typically attach one extension to each natural lash, Russian eyelash extensions use multiple ultra-fine lashes (usually between 2-8) that are fanned out and then applied to a single natural lash. The resulting effect is a more textured and voluminous look that can range from natural to dramatic, depending on the number of lashes used and the desired outcome. Russian eyelash extensions are often made of synthetic materials like silk or mink, and they can last anywhere from three to six weeks with proper care. They are a popular choice for those looking to enhance their natural lashes and create a more glamorous appearance.

4.  What are Mega volume eyelash extensions?

Mega Volume extensions are a type of eyelash extension that uses an advanced technique called “mega volume” or “10OD-20D volume lashing” to create an ultra-full, voluminous look.

Unlike traditional eyelash extensions or even Russian volume extensions, which typically attach multiple fine lashes to a single natural lash, mega volume lashes use extremely lightweight and ultra-fine lashes (sometimes called “mega volume fans”) that consist of 10 or more lashes. These fans are then applied to a single natural lash using a special adhesive that is designed to create a long-lasting bond without damaging the natural lash.

The result is a highly dramatic and voluminous look that can make the eyes appear larger and more prominent. Mega volume eyelash extensions are a popular choice for those who want to achieve a bold and dramatic look that is perfect for special occasions or photoshoots. It’s important to note that mega volume extensions are more time-consuming to apply and require a highly skilled technician who is trained in the mega volume technique.

5.  Are mink lash extensions the most premium lash choice?

They used to be. However, hybrid Russian volume extensions are the most loved choice. Mink hair’s diameter is 3-5 times bigger than a strand of Russian volume. Not to mention that mink hair is naturally straight and was permed into the desired curliness. Therefore, if the client washes her lashes or cooks and is close to heat a lot, mink hair will gradually lose its curliness.

6.  How long do volume lash extensions last?

Volume lash extensions typically last between 4 and 6 weeks, depending on the natural growth cycle of your lashes and how well you care for them.

7.  How do you care for volume lash extensions?

To care for volume lash extensions, it’s important to avoid rubbing or pulling on your lashes, as this can cause damage and premature shedding. It’s also important to avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24 hours after application and to avoid using oil-based products around your eyes, as these can break down the adhesive and cause the lashes to fall off prematurely. Never use mascara on your extensions. To learn more about Lash Extension Aftercare, read our Blog on Lash Extension Aftercare.

8.  How do you remove volume lash extensions?

Volume lash extensions should only be removed by a trained lash artist. Attempting to remove them yourself can cause damage to your natural lashes. Your lash artist will use a specialized adhesive remover to dissolve the adhesive and gently remove the lash extensions.

9.  Are volume lash extensions right for you?

Volume lash extensions are a great option if you’re looking for a more dramatic, full-lash look. However, they may not be suitable for everyone. If you have naturally thin or weak lashes, or if you have a history of allergies or sensitivity to eyelash adhesive, volume lash extensions may not be right for you. Our trained lash artist will determine whether volume lash extensions are a good fit for you.

In conclusion, lash extensions have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to enhance your natural beauty and simplify your daily makeup routine. The maintenance seems costly, but you also need to factor in your reduced spendings on makeup. You won’t need anymore trip to Sephora or Ulta for years. Volume lash extensions eliminate the need to use foundation, powder, eye shadows, eyeliner, mascara.

Think of how much you would save on makeup, you will see the economic benefits of getting lash extensions outweigh the cost. The results are definitely worth the investment. It is important to remember that proper care and hygiene are crucial to prevent damage to the natural lashes and avoid any potential infections. Overall, lash extensions offer a convenient and effective solution for those looking to achieve a fuller and more dramatic lash look.

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