The Importance of Caring for Your Natural Eyelashes

While the look of fabulous eyelash extensions may be what you’re after, it’s always to your benefit to establish a strong base by nurturing your natural eyelashes to start. Remember, the quality of your eyelash extensions plus your eyelash extension care routine will both be stronger moving forward with a commitment to the ongoing care of your own natural lash care.

So, What Causes My Natural Eyelashes to be Unhealthy?

Knowing the “why” is always a healthy and logical place to start in any type of problem solving. And, while we all can admit that having brittle, tired eyelashes, slow to grow and quick to fall out, probably isn’t the biggest issue in our life, on Tuesday morning before the big interview or Saturday night before the party, it’s a problem!

Here are just a few reasons for more-than-normal eyelash loss.

  • Leaving eye makeup on too long can cause your natural eyelashes to say “bye bye” quicker than normal.
  • Stress can play a role in the loss of eyelashes.
  • Simply rubbing your eyes too hard for too long will almost ensure that a few of those little beauties will make their exit prematurely.
  • Clogged oil glands in the eyes near the base of the lashes can cause inflammation and subsequently, problems in the eyelash follicles.

As is the case with just about anything in our life, the more we care for it, the better our chances of a healthy outcome, and it’s no different with lash care! The good news is that little attention can go a long way towards the care of our natural eyelashes.

Ok, Enough of the Problems, Tell Me How to Fix Them!”

Remember, the goal is the care and nurture of our natural eyelashes. We want to establish a solid base before we think about eyelash extension care. While Lash Pilot does offer what we call a Lash Wellness Passport Program, how about we start with some simple lash care practices and procedures you can implement on your own!

  • To start, and this may seem way too obvious, but who of us hasn’t been guilty of not washing our face and eyelids every single day. Gently, with soap and water. Seem basic? You’re right, it is. Again, be gentle.
  • Use oils on your eyelashes – start with olive oil. While there isn’t research to support that olive oil as part of your lash care routine will grow record-breaking, award-winning natural eyelashes, olive oil does contain several types of fatty acids that have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties that help condition the lashes and promote a healthy lash base. Coconut oil is another natural oil you may want to try. You can speak to a certified lash technician at Lash Pilot to learn more.
  • Remove your makeup more often, and when you do, do it gently. Leaving makeup on for days will only cause your natural eyelashes to become more hardened and brittle, increasing the chance that they’re headed for an early exit.
  • Consider vitamin supplements for healthy lash care. This tip comes with added benefits, because vitamin supplements such as Vitamin B-3, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are great to take for more reasons than just those
    beautiful natural eyelashes.
  • Brush your lashes regularly! Come on, you loved watching your grandmother do it as a kid. Gentle brushing just a few times a day helps distribute the natural oils found on your lashes more evenly.
  • Drink green tea. First of all, it tastes good. Second, as with vitamin supplements, the health advantages of organic green tea would fill a list far too long for this website. But, organic green tea has been known to help promote hair growth.

So, Now That You’ve Established a Solid Base…

You’ve built … ok, you are currently building … a solid lash care program for your natural eyelashes. And, now you’re eyeing that look you’ve always wanted – from a natural eyelash extension or a classic volume eyelash extension to a 100% real mink lash extension to a hybrid Russian volume lash extension, you want what you want!

No matter which you prefer, and Lash Pilot certified lash technicians specialize in these styles and many others, you shouldn’t just focus on how much volume you can get with the extension. Lash Pilot’s Lash Wellness Passport ensures your natural lash health and safety with optimized in-fill and new set replacement schedules.

Here are a few options within Lash Pilot’s Lash Wellness Passport program, each of which provides you with the best eyelash extension care in the business.

  • Tokyo Passport – A classic application of lash with one extension per one real lash, flexible choice of lash materials used, flexible choice of styles among natural, classic volume, or natural mink sets and free to switch between classic styles and materials with waived upgrade fee
  • Russian Passport – The most ideal option for lash enhancement! The fanning technique is used to customize the desired volume and fluffiness; Whether you just want an elaborated mascara look or take your lash volume to the next level, Russian Volume is the key to make your lash dreams come true; Free to switch between Russian Volume styles and materials with waived upgrade fee.
  • Hollywood Passport – If you feel like lash extensions are too natural, the strip-lash look, the fake look, this is your choice! Each real lash is attached to a mega yet light-weight fan.

Keep Your Natural Eyelashes Fresh

Caring for your natural eyelashes through a simple and practical at-home lash care program combined with a professional eyelash extension care program like those offered though Lash Pilot’s Lash Wellness Passport program is a winning combination towards your goals of beautiful lashes done safely and affordably.

Contact Lash Pilot today to speak with a certified lash technician.